Walking Tour of Bucharest During this walking tour you will discover all major sites of our interesting city as well as you will learn a lot about its history, culture and traditions. We will start our tour from the Palace Square surrounded by significant... more Bucharest City Tour During this tour you will see all highlights of Bucharest. You will have a chance to admire huge Palace of Parliament - symbol of communist era and the world's second-largest office building. more Full Day City Tour This tour is dedicated to those who have a whole day to explore capital city of Romania and want to see as much as possible in Bucharest in just one day. During this tour you will learn a lot about history of Bucharest and its cultural... more Bucharest Airport Transfers Just please let us know when you are arriving in Bucharest and we will pick you up from the airport and take you straight to your hotel. Do not let taxi drivers rip you off. If you want to feel comfortable and safe book now our service.... more Getting to/leaving Bucharest If you are not travelling by plane, don’t get exhausted during a long journey by bus or train from/to any other city far from Bucharest. You can always use our service and get comfortable ride by our mini-van/bus with English speaking... more Jewish Heritage Tour Jewish people have played an important role in development of Bucharest throughout centuries. Their population counted 11 % in 1930. Until World War 2, Jews lived together with other inhabitants in peace. more Communism Tour Let us take you to the places related with the communist regime and see how this period of history has influenced the architectural landscape of Bucharest. Our knowledgable and friendly guide will help you understanding all processes of... more